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Arms of the Peach and Peachey

In 1066 A. D. as a knight under William the Conqueror, William de Peche I helped the Normans conquer England. As a result, de Peche became a nobleman. He and his descendants were given significant properties to hold for the king. As a noble knight he wore the original Peche Arms seen in the center of the three arms pictured on the left. This became known as the arms of the Peche of Bourn. During the Crusades, a branch of the Peche changed its arms to the one on the left with the crosses, becoming the arms of the Peche of Wormleighton.

This is the premier website for a one-name study on the names of Peach, and Peachey. representing the 25-year-old "Peach Tree Project", it has been the tool to trace the origins of these families back as far as 650 A.D. - show how they were all united in England - and then show how they reunite with each other in America.

Anyone who wants to know more about their Peach or Peachey ancestry is encouraged to contact : John H. Peach (

He is the founding author of "The Peach Tree" newsletter - copies of which are included in the following pages.

In 1991, The Peach/ Peachey Migrations was published. One of its purposes was to identify all the known branches of the Peaches and Peacheys in North America and to show their origins.

Now 18 years later, THE PEACH HEROES book will unite eight of these branches in one publication. Over the past 26 years, "The Peach Tree" newsletter has coined a title, "The Peach Tree Project", to attempt to locate all the branches and all the descendants in such branches in America. From henceforth, this title will be used officially to unite all the Peaches together into one large tree.

THE PEACH HEROES is the eighth book published by John Harding Peach. Books can be ordered directly by writing to:
John H. Peach,
221 Geronimo Rd.,
Knoxville, TN 37934
John H. Peach (

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