PEACH Line in South Africa

It would appear that the first PEACH to come South Africa was GEORGE PEACH with the 1820 BRITISH SETTLERS. A second PEACH , my grandfather JOHN JOSEPH PEACH came to SOUTH AFRICA during 1896 as a BRITISH officer to help put down some sort of uprising by a local black nation. After things had been put in order and settled JOHN JOSEPH Peach was awarded a tract of land in WARRENTON( Kimberly) district to farm and if successful would be allowed to purchase same for a nominal fee.This came to pass and the farm was named UITKYK (translates to LOOK OUT).My grandmother HENRIETTA ANNE-MARGARET HARRIS daughter of ISAAC HARRIS son of WILLIAM HARRIS,born 1802 / 5/27 CACHEL or TIPPERARY, COUNTY CORK , IRELAND. WILLIAM and brother THOMAS sailed from CORK on a ship, BARROSSA in 1823 in a party settlers lead by their cousin whose name was JOHN INGRAM, to come to the CAPE of GOODHOPE, SOUTH AFRICA, where they then settled in the PAARL (S.A winelands area ) DISTRICT.

A snippet of info.- during the industrial revolution of 1800,s a distant forefather SAM PEACH owned a Lace Factory in Manchester, County MANSFIELD?. When SAM PEACH died he left behind a fortune of TEN MILLION POUNDS without having made WILL, resulting in all this wealth being placed in the coffers of the EXCHEQUER. Members of the PEACH Family in the U.K and South Africa formed a syndicate in an endeavor to recover the PEACH fortune but to no avail.

Some more info.-JOHN.JOSEPH PEACH sent for his family, namely sister ANNE and three brothers LEWIS, GEORGE and HARRY. His mother also came with them and settled in Kimberley running a small boarding house, before joining her sons who were granted a trading license in the native Reserves in Griqualand. She passed away sometime after this.

The Harris and Peach families would appreciate info. and further interaction to learn about our roots

Kinds regards---Tony Peach, Shirley Harris, Gerry Peach

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