General Peach, Civil War

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Harvey S. recently contacted me with a photo and this story:

"I am researching the background of a photo that was given my late father in the early 1960's. I am hoping that you my be able to assist my search.

My father was an Army Officer assigned as the Inspector General for the First Army in NY and New England. He visited National Guard and Reserve armories throughout the area. During one of these inspections he was given a large mounted and framed photograph. He was told it was of a General Peach and that it was of a rare and special nature.

The photograph had no identifying markings but was of a group of uniformed officers and enlisted men of the era of the American Civil War. The are few markings visible on the uniforms, a buckle with "MCG" or "MCC" or "MSG". The other possible marked devices were unclear. Their accouterments and weapons are all of the same era.

My research to date has turned up references to a General Peach during the Civil War who was recruiting combat tested young men to become officers in a regiment of coloured troops he was raising to fight for the Northern Armies. He made contact with a young Iowan cavalryman but was unsuccessful in recruiting him.

I am aware of many "Peaches" in Massachusetts history at least as far back as 1671. Could he be one? Do you know of any General Peach?"

To which John Harding Peach adds:

"The photo of the man standing with the binoculars is that of Major-General Benjamin F. Peach, Jr. of Marblehead. He was the highest ranking officer in American Peach history. I have a full page photo of his face on p. 60 of The Peach Tree Handbook, Vol. III, Marblehead Branch. This is the first I have seen the photo Harvey submitted. Quite clear and impressive.
John H. Peach"

Harvey was gracious enough to give me the old print, and I have copied it so that any of this 'family' may have one if they wish. If you know how to make decent print from a digital file, simply download the 'large file' from the link above. If you prefer, you can order a print directly from the link (you pay them for the cost, I'm not getting any money).

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