Kinder Morgan Engergy Partners - KMP


Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (KMP) is run by Richard Kinder, who was President and COO of Enron back in the early 1990's. He left Enron in 1996 (before it really got weird) and bought out much of their pipeline business.

In 2013, roughly 43% of earnings come from Natural Gas Pipelines, 18% from CO2 Oil Production, and the remainder in terminals and other products pipelines.

KMP has pretty good geographic diversity. They recently announced they're getting into the Jones Act shipping business, so this adds another level of diversity.

I bought in in April of 2012 at $82.60 a share. Today (December 2013) it's trading at $79.83, so I have a principal loss of 3.4%. It's been throwing off those 6.76% dividends steadily, so that's been great. 2013 has been volatile with a 52 week range of $77 - $93. Many MLPs got caught up in some bad press surrounding LINE, and the Fed taper further roils the market.


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