PVR Partners LP (PVR)


I originally bought PVR because it gave me some MLP exposure to coal. At the time I bought it, everybody was hating on coal, depressing the price. Of course, everybody still hates coal (I live in the greater Seattle area, and all the 'greens' are mobilizing to try and block coal export terminals in order to save China from itself / the whole planet), but that hasn't stopped the market from pushing the price up.

Bought in in April 2012 for $21.99. Sold some in mid-2013 between $25.64 and $27.44. Today (December 2013), it's trading around $26.83, so I'm up 22%, while collecting 8% distributions.

PVR is being bought out by RGP in January 2014. I'm not at all certain how basis is calculated when one MLP consumes another, but I guess I'll find out.


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