In search of more opportunities, I followed a YMB spammer from GNBT to BDSI.

American Bulls had a favorable reading on the candlestick analysis, so I bought in at $3.15 on Feb. 27, 2006.

They subsequently 'missed' on an FDA approval and the stock price declined. I'm still in, as 'the buzz' is that this is a well run and well backed company.

Bought some more today (4/11/06) in the brokerage account at $2.70 on a pullback.

Little news, but lots of action. Got out of this stock in my IRA on 2/20/07 for $3.50, a moderate bump. Still holding the brokerage stuff, but on 2/22/07 it touched $5.70, which sorely tempted me to take the big short-term gain. Actually, if I was up and running when that price hit, I'd have snagged it. I was about 10 minutes too late.



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