Castelle (CSTL)


Saw a note in a YMB that this stock has for the last two years seen a nice bump at YE earnings due to favorable tax treatment. Bought in before earnings announcement, hoping for a repeat.

Now that they've filed their earnings, it looks like I bet way wrong. Their unusual tax treatment was part of a multi-year strategy that has the *opposite* effect this year (I really should discuss this with Sharon to see if I have it straight).

Anyway, I need to liquidate this position and hope I can at least break even. This is the most thinly traded item in my portfolio. When I bought 1,000 shares at $3.35, it took three transactions to fill. Sitting on a 'good till cancelled' sell order at $3.50; wishful thinking…

If I get "educated" on this one, at least it will be pretty cheap.

OK, out at $3.08 on 2/27/06 in order to free up the cash.....



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