Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd. (MRH)


I was reading current news on one of my other micro-caps (I think it was GNBT), and I ran across this Motley Fool Story - A Broken Stock Full of Promise. It was all about Bermudan Re-Insurer Montpelier RE, and how they were a good company that has been hammered by Katrina losses.

'Fool' recommended them at $34, and they since dropped to $16.

This seems like the kind of play I'm looking for, and it's outside of the sectors that I'm currently overweight in. I bought in on 4/03/06 for $16.26.

I've liked the favorable way the stock has been reacting since I bought it, so I bought a little more in the brokerage account today (4/11/06) on a pull back to $16.50.



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