Novavax Inc. (NVAX)


In search of more opportunities, I followed a YMB spammer from GNBT to NVAX.

American Bulls had a favorable reading on the candlestick analysis, so I bought in at $5.78 on Mar. 13, 2006.

This is primarily a bird flu play; avian flu is hot at the moment, and the biopharms that look like they can contribute to a vaccine are ready to shoot up. This press release at Yahoo highlighted a key senator's visit to the company. A lot of the speculation about bird flu stocks revolves around government involvement.

Check out

Tried to buy more (in an IRA this time) on a dip to $7.00 on 3/17/06, but it ran away from me. Oh well. This one is going to be interesting to watch.

Bought more today (3/20/06) in an IRA at $7.62. Closed the day at $8.31, so at least it's still trending green.

Interesting post on GNBT, HEB, and NVAX (I'm in all three).



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