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Todd's Lyrics and Links

Links to Lyric sites for a particular artist
(scroll down for general purpose sites)

This first section is for lyrics that are on my site. Also I've added a site for album reviews , where I also link in lyrics from my database.

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  • Fred Ahlert
  • Harold Arlen - Harold Arlen section of my Ella Fitzgerald lyrics page
  • Burt Bacharach - Burt relies on other lyricists, but his music is distinctive
  • Tony Bennett - New!
  • Alan and Marilyn Bergman
  • Irving Berlin - Irving Berlin section of my Ella Fitzgerald lyrics page
  • Johnny Burke - Johnny Burke section of my Frank Sinatra lyrics page
  • Sammy Cahn - Sammy Cahn section of my Frank Sinatra lyrics page
  • Hoagy Carmichael -
  • Ray Charles - I believe mine is the only Ray page out there with a fair number of lyrics (about 50)
  • Ervin Drake - Ervin Drake section of my Frank Sinatra lyrics page; I'm being helped along by Mr. Drake himself on this one.
  • Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington section of my Ella Fitzgerald lyrics page
  • Ella Fitzgerald- I believe mine is the only Ella page out there with a number of lyrics (about 200)
  • Judy Garland - One of my traditional lyrics pages, a nice Bio and a songlist.
  • George and Ira Gershwin - George and Ira Gershwin section of my Ella Fitzgerald lyrics page
  • Oscar Hammerstein - I had let Oscar's lyrics sneak into the Rodgers and Hart page; no more, he has a page of his own.
  • Jerome Kern - Jerome Kern section of my Ella Fitzgerald lyrics page
  • Kenny Loggins-
  • Diana Krall - New!-
  • Johnny Mercer- Johnny Mercer section of my Ella Fitzgerald lyrics page
  • Cole Porter - Cole Porter section of my Ella Fitzgerald lyrics page
  • Rodgers and Hart - Rodgers and Hart section of my Ella Fitzgerald lyrics page.
  • Frank Sinatra - 900+ Frank lyrics
  • Jule Styne - Jule Styne section of my Frank Sinatra lyrics page
  • Sarah Vaughan - new!
  • Jimmy Van Heusen - This jumps to the Jimmy Van Heusen section of my Frank Sinatra lyrics page
  • Stevie Wonder - New!
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    150 Of The Most Beautiful Songs Ever - sheet music at 150 Of The Most Beautiful...
    Diana Krall: Diana Krall: The Best Of Diana Krall - sheet music at Diana Krall: Diana Krall:...
    Beautiful Ballads - sheet music at Beautiful Ballads
    Frank Sinatra: Frank Sinatra Songbook - sheet music at Frank Sinatra: Frank Sina...
    Nat Nat "King" Cole: Unforget...
    Louis Armstrong: What A Wonderful World - sheet music at Louis Armstrong: What A W...

  • Todd's Album Reviews - 800+ album reviews of CDs in my collection - most with lyrics; also a few more 'artist lyric links'
  • 'Nice Decade' 70s lyrics- My own page of 160 - 70s lyrics from the Rhino set 'Nice Decade'
  • 60s lyrics- My own page of 60s lyrics from various collections
  • Vintage R&B (a-l)-(m-z) - An odd assortment of old Motown / Atlantic / Stax / Whatever Rhythm &Blues lyrics (about 275)
  • Todd Peach's Page of Different Songs with Similar Names

  • 366,000 sheet music titles - Shop Now!
    The Definitive Broadway Collection - sheet music at The Definitive Broadway C...
    Cole Porter: Best Of Cole Porter - sheet music at Cole Porter: Best Of Cole...
    World's Best Piano Arrangements - sheet music at World's Best Piano Arrang...
    Jazz Standards - sheet music at Jazz Standards
    Irving Berlin: White Christmas - sheet music at Irving Berlin: White Chri...
    Judy Garland: Over The Rainbow - sheet music at Judy Garland: Over The Ra...

    Lyric Links (not part of this site)

    is a list of lyric links for artists that I like. It's not all-encompassing; I use it to post links for artists that are very difficult to find, or if I've found a site that is unusually well-focussed on an otherwise popular artist.

  • Brave Combo
  • Bryan Adams -
  • Barenaked Ladies
  • The Beatles
  • Irving Berlin - Another page with a complete 'sonography' and more lyrics.
  • Blues Brothers
  • Dog's Eye View - Peter Stuart maintains this one himself (or so it appears). Lyrics, interpretations.
  • Bob Dylan
  • Earth, Wind and Fire
  • Ben Folds Five
  • Whitney Houston
  • Colin James - Coming soon.
  • Billy Joel
  • Lenny Kravitz - "Always On The Run" - This guy has quite a site; more than just Lenny.
  • Huey Lewis and the News
  • Loverboy
  • m-pact - No lyrics here, but I just saw these guys for the first time, and they blew my socks off! A five part a cappella outfit with some shades of Take 6 and Bobby McFerrin, these boys are going places.
  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Rolling Stones
  • Bob Schoen Quintet - no lyrics on this site, but Bob sent along a CD and songbook of his original songs; check out his site if you're in the San Francisco bay area and enjoy live music.
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Styx
  • Supertramp
  • The Supremes - They're pretty much all here, plus they covered many other popular songs of the era.
  • James Taylor -
  • Van Halen - Follow the link to "the music"
  • Harry Warren - Harry didn't write many lyrics, but his music is very well-known.
  • Mudville's Finest - Buy their 'Older Than Dirt' CD. Over the years, I've had about a dozen folks send me their CD's as a favor or because they thought it would interest me. This one brings a smile to my face whenever I play it. The musicianship is first rate, and the singer is, shall we say, 'unique'.

  • Lyrics World in Brazil - This has a charts based interface that goes back to 1930; if the song you're looking for "charted", it will be here.
  • The Lyrics Library - Home Page - Wayne Garvin keeps this one humming with a huge list of lyric links.
  • Newsgroup Homepage - Erin Wilson has taken on the mantle of 'Lyrics Goddess' (and keeps us all in line). is a great bunch of folks who represent a *huge* body of music knowledge. The questions about lyrics that I can't answer should definitely be directed there.
  • Char Star Lyrics Scene - Lots of stuff, I like it for the R&B.
  • SingleAct's Lyrics And Music Links
  • Always on the Run - Hard to pin down this guys interests, but if he's got it, he's got it in spades.
  • Welcome to the Ultimate Band List - If a band is current, you'll likely find a link to websites here.
  • All-Music Guide- No lyrics, but you can find clues to artist identity here.
  • Harry's Blues Lyrics Online - 2,700+ Blues lyrics, and 1,400+ soundclips.
  • Rainbow of Lyrics - Walter Vogel runs this one.
  • Popular Song Vocalists of the Big Bands - No lyrics, but an interesting list of vocalists from '35-'45.
  • KIDiddles Musical Mouseum of Kid's Song Lyrics - Many obscure Kid's songs here.
  • Maree's Album Lyrics - This site is new, and Maree welcomes any help you can lend with fine-tuning lyrics.
  • Rabid Squirrel's Jazz Archive! - Rabid says his site is a favorite of 'shower singers'; give it a try.
  • Peace In The Valley - Serge has a nice collection of popular Gospel lyrics.
  • Sing A Song - The webmaster bills this as 'Songs you Sing with Good Friends at a Party'. The songs appear to be filed by their first line rather than title.
  • Lyrics Made Famous by Bing Crosby -
  • - These guys claim to be 'the fastest song lyric search on the web'; I haven't figured out how to get it to give up lyrics, but it's a useful resource for identifying songs and writers.
  • Heptune Classical Jazz and Blues Lyrics Page - Compiled from recordings from the first part of the 20th century.
  • R K's Juke Box - Links to all manner of artist sites, not just lyrics.
  • Lyrics Lodge - Mostly Broadway Show Lyrics.
  • Smick and Smodoo's World - Midi's, Lyrics, and a bunch of other stuff. A bit heavy on graphics and bandwidth.
  • OperaGlass - Libretti, Source Texts, Performance Histories, Synopses and Discographies.
  • - Answers for those 'what CD is this song on?' questions.
  • Songwriters Hall of Fame - Bios, Discograpgys and other info on songwriters.
  • THE R.N.SHROUT WEBSITE - This oddly named website is primarily a collection of songwriter info. The webmaster cites his 150 'greatest songwriters' and offers up bios and links for each.
  • SoundTrack Lyrics from Movies, Cartoons, TV or Musicals
  • Lucky Strike Cigarettes Hit Parade Radio Show - 1935 - 1955 - No lyrics, but a nice list of Hit Parade Winners organized by year.
  • - website dedicated to selling original fresh and exclusive arrangements of classic 20's/30's/40's/50's standards as well as jazz and big band arrangements of pops for the discerning vocalist.
  • Collection of Musicals Lyrics and Libretti - This Russian website seems to have many obscure lyrics from musicals; check it out!
  • - Music Lyrics and translations of popular artists songs
  • - Like the URL says, lyrics to hit country songs.
  • - Like the URL says, Information about classic movies.
  • - Lyrics to Top 40 hits going back to 1955.
  • - A large ambitious site with tumbnail screenshot / links to many music related sites.
  • KCEA - 89.1 FM - The sounds of the swing era. Streaming audio.
  • - Get all the piano sheet music of the latest hits.

  • 366,000 sheet music titles - Shop Now!
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    Diana Krall: Live in Paris - sheet music at Diana Krall: Live in Pari...
    Ray Charles: Ray Charles - A Man and His Soul - sheet music at Ray Charles: Ray Charles ...
    50 Gershwin Classics - sheet music at 50 Gershwin Classics
    The Way You Look Tonight - sheet music at The Way You Look Tonight
    Someone To Watch Over Me - sheet music at Someone To Watch Over Me

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