Track Title:               I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues
Album Title:               Duke Ellington Songbook, disc 5

Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald
Producer:                  Norman Granz
Written by:                Duke Ellington (Edward Kennedy Ellington)
Written by:                Don George
Written by:                Larry Fotine

From:                      1944
Ain't got the change of a nickel
Ain't got no bounce in my shoes
Ain't go no fancy to tickle
I ain't got nothing but the blues
Ain't got no coffee that's perking
Ain't got no winnings to lose
Ain't got a dream that is working
I ain't got nothing but the blues
When trumpets flare up
I keep my hair up
I just can't make it come down
Believe me peppie,
I can't get happy
Since my ever loving baby left town
Ain't got no rest in my slumbers
Ain't got no feelings to bruise
Ain't got no telephone numbers
I ain't got nothing but the blues