Track Title:               Tenderly
Album Title:               The Complete Verve Recordings, Disc 1

Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald / Louis Armstrong
Vocal:                     Louis Armstrong
Vocal:                     Ella Fitzgerald
Drums:                     Buddy Rich

Guitar:                    Herb Ellis
Bass:                      Ray Brown
Trumpet:                   Louis Armstrong
Piano:                     Oscar Peterson

Originally made famous by: Rosemary Clooney
Producer:                  Norman Granz
Written by:                Walter Gross
Written by:                Jack Lawrence

The evening breeze caressed the trees, tenderly
The trembling trees embraced the breeze tenderly
Then you and I came wandering by
and lost in a sigh were we
The shore was kissed by sea and mist tenderly
I can't forget how two hearts met breathlessly
Your arms opened wide
And closed me inside
You took my lips you took my love so tenderly