Track Title:               Teardrops In My Heart
Album Title:               The Complete Country & Western Recordings, Disc One

Prime Artist:              Ray Charles     (Robinson)
Originally made famous by: Sons of the Pioneers
Producer:                  Sid Feller
Written by:                Vaughn Horton

From the Album:            Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music,V2 1962(A)
1) you'll never know I cried , when I found out you

for Ive been hangin on this teardrops in my heart

2) my eyes dare not reveal , the way I realy feel

because I know I'll cry my heart out if I start

* though Im pretending , that I dont care

to be with you my darlin , is my prayer

3) but way down deep inside , I cant give up my pride

so Ill just keep on hiding teardrops in my heart


3) repeat

Lyric provided by Uros P.