Track Title:               I've Found A New Baby

Album Title:               The Inevitable
Prime Artist:              Squirrel Nut Zippers
Producer:                  Brian Paulson
Written by:                Jack Palmer

Written by:                Spencer Williams
"I'VE FOUND A NEW BABY"  Words * Music. Jack Palmer & Spencer Williams. Copywright. 1926
"I've found a new baby, I've found a new girl,  my fashion plate baby has got me a-whirl

Her new kind of lovin' has made me her slave, her sweet turtle-dovin' is all that I crave.
Sweetest Miss with a kiss full of bliss can't resist somehow

Tells me lies, but she's wise, naughty eyes, mesmerise I vow, and how,
I don't mean maybe ! I just had to fall, I've found a new baby, New baby that's all"