Track Title:               And I Still Do

Album Title:               Life Is A Song - The Songs of Fred Ahlert
Prime Artist:              Anson Weeks
Lyrics by:                 Edgar Leslie
Music by:                  Fred Ahlert

Vocal:                     Pete Fylling
From:                      1934

I used to call you
The cream of the crop
And I still do

I used to say you
Belong at the top
And I still do

You're such an eyeful
You're nicer than a sky full
Of June nights, moon light
That brightens the gloom

I used to call you
My moment supreme
And I still do

I used to meet you
In every dream
And I still do

To be specific
I'd say you were terrific
I used to love you
And I still do

Transcribed by Todd Peach {}