Track Title:               I'll Never Ask For More

Album Title:               Life Is A Song - The Songs of Fred Ahlert
Prime Artist:              George Olsen
Lyrics by:                 Roy Turk
Music by:                  Fred Ahlert

Vocal:                     Bob Borger
From:                      1929
I know of a hillside
Where troubles and ills hide
Take me to that hillside
And I'll never ask for more

I long for the scenery
Homestead mid the greenery
Lead me to that scenery
And I'll never ask for more

For in that homestead
'mid that greenery
On that hillside fair
Two longing eyes
Two tender lips
Two empty arms
Await me there

She stands at the gateway
Makes heaven a straight way
Lead me to that gateway
And I'll never ask for more

Transcribed by Todd Peach {}