Track Title:               Take My Heart

Album Title:               Life Is A Song - The Songs of Fred Ahlert
Prime Artist:              Eddy Duchin
Lyrics by:                 Joe Young
Music by:                  Fred Ahlert

Vocal:                     Jerry Cooper
From:                      1936

VERSE;  "Why think I'm afraid of you Ev'ry time you're near?

It's funny but I thought you knew, I have no fear - Listen dear:
CHORUS:  "Take my heart see if I care what you do with it! Go on, go thru' with it! Do with it what
you please -

Take my heart even if only to play with it - Go on, be gay with it! Do with it what you please -

Whether awake or sleeping, I shouldn't feel despair, Isn't it in good keeping While it's in your care?
Take my heart - I'll never ask what you've done with it, Go on have fun with it !

Take it and leave it at ease - and do with it what you please"
SECOND TIME VERSE ;  "I see the danger in your eyes - Sweetheart I'm not blind.

I'll let you fool me with your sighs, Cause I don't mind - I'm that kind"