Track Title:               The Free And Easy

Album Title:               Life Is A Song - The Songs of Fred Ahlert
Prime Artist:              Ambrose
Lyrics by:                 Roy Turk
Music by:                  Fred Ahlert

Vocal:                     Sam Browne
From:                      1930
Free and easy
Smell the floor with wax
Let yourself relax
Loosen up your backs
Free and easy

Starting breezy
Let your elbows sag
Let your tootsies drag
Like you've hired a flag (?)
Free and easy

One foot in the grave n'
Grab yourself a partner now

Slow go
Never had a beau girls
Here's your only chance and how

If you please-ly
While the music plays
You can dance for days
To the lazy craze
Free and easy

Transcribed by Todd Peach {}