Track Title:               There's A Cradle In Caroline

Album Title:               Life Is A Song - The Songs of Fred Ahlert
Prime Artist:              Frankie Trumbauer
Lyrics by:                 Joe Young

Lyrics by:                 Sam Lewis
Music by:                  Fred Ahlert
Vocal:                     Seger Ellis
Horn:                      Bix Beiderbecke

From:                      1927

There's a cradle in Caroline
A bough in a tree, a bowing to me
There's a cradle that I call mine
A carpet of green, you know what I mean

And while stretchin' out upon the lawn the heavens kissed
Why even in my sleep I dream (?) of what I've missed

There's a blanket of stars that shine
They beckon a guest(?), a sheltering nest
There's a cradle in Caroline
Calling me back, calling me back to rest

Transcribed by Todd Peach {}