Track Title:               That Face

Album Title:               You Must Believe In Spring:  Alan & Marilyn Bergman
Prime Artist:              Sylvia Sims
Lyrics by:                 Alan Bergman
Lyrics by:                 Marilyn Bergman  (nee Marilyn Keith)

Music by:                  Lew Spence
Producer:                  Shirley Cowell
That face, that face
That wonderful face
It shines, it glows
All over the place

And how I love to watch it change expressions
Each look becomes the prize of my possessions

I love that face, that face
It just isn't fair
You must forgive
The way that I stare

But never will these eyes behold
A sight that could replace
That face, that face,
That face

I see that face, that face
Wherever I go
It's here, it's there
Be-witching me so

It's got my crazy heart
In such a tangle
It drives me simply wild
From any angle

I love those eyes
Those lips
That fabulous smile
She laughs
And Spring
Goes right out of style

And though the thrill
I feel each time
My fingers gently trace
That face, that face,
That face, that face,
Tthat face, that face
Transcribed by Todd Peach {}