Track Title:               Tell It Like It Is
Album Title:               Greatest Hits
Prime Artist:              Heart
Originally made famous by: Aaron Neville

Producer:                  Heart
Written by:                Lee Diamond
Written by:                George Davis

If you want    something to play with
                Gm      C7      F  Fmaj7/C  F6
        Go and find yourself a toy
                D7/F#        C7/G       Gm  C7
        Baby my time is too expensive
                Gm   C7           F  Fmaj7/C  F6
        And I'm not     a little boy
        Am          Dm
        If you are serious
        Am                                     Dm
        Don't play with my heart, it makes me furious
        Am                     Bb
        But if you want me to love you
                     C    Bb/C                Am/C
        Then baby I will,     girl you know I will

Verse 2:

        Tell it like it is
        Don't be ashamed to let your conscience be your guide
        But I... know deep down inside of me
        I believe you love me
        Forget your foolish pride
        Life is too short to have sorrow
        We may be here today and gone tomorrow
        You might as well get what you want
        So go on and live, baby go on and live

Coda [repeat first half of verse 2]:

        Tell it like it is
        I'm nothing to play with
        Go and find yourself a toy
        But I... tell it like it is
        My time is too expensive
        And I'm not your little boy

        Tell it like it is... [fade]


  1) The above is the arrangement from the original single (Parlo 101); a
     much slower 1972 re-recording appears on far too many oldies comps.

  2) The guitar part is mostly played in 6ths.  Over the C7/G...Gm... etc.
     progression it's:

           1 1      1 1
        xxx2x2   xxx0x0   xxx9x8   xxx9x8
         want...  some...  with...  your...

    ...; over the F Fmaj7/C F6 [D7/F#] it's all


     since the C and A are common to all of the chords.

  3) The D7/F# sounds like it might be F#dim, but careful listening reveals
     a D (not a D#) in the right-hand piano voicing.