Track Title:               Foxy Lady

Album Title:               The Ultimate Experience
Prime Artist:              Jimi Hendrix
Producer:                  Chas Chandler
Written by:                Jimi Hendrix

From the Album:            Are You Experienced?  1967 (A)
   Uh-you know you a cute little heart breaker, ha
   Foxey, yeah
   And you know you a sweet little love maker, huh
   I wanna take you home, uh-huh, yeah
   I won't do you no harm, no, ha
   You got ta be all mine, all mine
   Oo, Foxey Lady
   Yeah, Foxey
   Now-uh, I see you, heh, on down on the scene
   Ohh, Foxey
   You make me wanna get up and a-scream
   Ah, baby listen now
   I made up my mind, yeah
   I'm tired of wasting all my precious time
   You've gotta be all mine, all mine
   Foxey Lady
   Here I come
   Foxey Lady
   Foxey (Lady)
   Foxey, Fa...
   Foxey, yeah
   I'm gonna take you home, uh-huh
   I won't do you no harm, no
   You gotta be all mine, all mine
   Foxey Lady
   Here I come, baby
   I'm comin' to get ya
   Ow, Foxey lady, yeah, yeah
   Oo, you look so good, Foxey (BV=Foxey)
   {inhale} Oh, yeah, Foxey (BV=Foxey)
   Yeah, give us some, foxy
   Oo, Foxey {inhale}
   Yeah, get it, babe, Foxey (BV=Foxey)
   You make me feel like, uh,
   feel like sayin' Foxey (BV=Foxey)
   Ah, Foxey (BV=Foxey)
   Foxey (BV=Foxey) Lady
   Foxey Lady