Track Title:               Golden Moment
Album Title:               Complete Reprise Recordings, disc 9
Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Arranger:                  Nelson Riddle

Written by:                Rhoda Roberts
Written by:                Kenny Jacobson
From the Album:            My Kind Of Broadway  (A)
You're young for a golden moment, you sigh and it flies away
And then in the silent September, you dream of the music of May.
You're young for a shining hour, but soon it's remember-when,
Take hold of that golden moment,
For once it's gone, it never comes back again.
(music interlude)
Take hold of that golden moment,
For once it is gone, it never comes back.
You cry, still it won't come back,
It's gone and never comes back again.
Transcribed by Larry Henares of the Philippines