Track Title:               More Than You Know

Album Title:               Complete Reprise Recordings, disc 18
Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Arranger:                  Billy May
Written by:                Edward Eliscu

Written by:                Vincent Youmans
Written by:                Billy Rose
More Than You Know

Writer(s):  Rose / Eliscu / Youmans

Whether you are here or yonder, whether you are false or true
Whether you remain or wander, I am growing fonder of you
Even though your friends forsake you, even though you don't succeed
Wouldn't I be glad to take you, give you the break you need
More than you know, more than you know, girl of my heart, I love you so
Lately I find, you're on my mind, more than you know
Whether you're right, whether you're wrong, girl of my heart, I'll string along
I need you so much more than you'll ever know
Loving you the way that I do, there's nothing I can do about it
Loving may be all you can give, but baby I can't live without it
Oh how I'd cry, oh how I'd cry, if you got tired, and said good-bye
More than I'd show more than you'd ever know

Contributed by Larry Henares of the Philippines