Track Title:               Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Album Title:               Off The Wall
Prime Artist:              Michael Jackson
Producer:                  Michael Jackson

Producer:                  Quincy Jones
Written by:                Mariah Carey

You know I was wondering if we could keep on
Because the force it's got a lot of power
And it makes me feel like
It makes me feel like

Lovely is the feeling now
Fever, temperature's risin' now
Power (ah power) is the force the vow
That makes it happen
It asks no question why (ooh)
So get closer (closer now) to my body now
Just love me 'til you don't no how (ooh)

Bridge 3 times:
Keep on with the force don't stop
Don't stop 'til you get enough

Touch me and I feel on fire
Ain't nothin' like a love desire (ooh)
I'm melting (I'm melting) like hot candle wax
Sensation (ah sensation) lovely where we're at (ooh)
So let love take us through the hours
I won't be complainin'
'Cause this is love power (ooh)

Bridge 4 times


Heartbreak enemy despise
Eternal (ah eternal) love shines in my eyes (ooh)
So let love (ah let love) take us through the hours
I won't be complainin' (no no)
'Cause your love is alright, alright (ooh)

Bridge 8 times

Lovely is the feeling now
I won't be complainin' (ooh ooh)
The force is love power

Bridge 8 times, adlib to fade