Track Title:               Voodoo Thing

Album Title:               Colin James
Prime Artist:              Colin James
Producer:                  Danny Kortchmar

Way down south where the mangroves grow
Deep in the swamp, down in the bayou [pronounced bi-oh]
There's a little story that's a-never been told
About a pretty widow who never grows old
And how she buried her soul with a wedding ring
Traded her life for that voodoo thing

She moves like the wind, got a fire in her eye
Well, she can bring down rain from the clear blue sky
Make the sun go down with a wave of her hand
Well she can make a king of an ordinary man
She's gonna make you dance, she's gonna make you sing
When she give you some of that voodoo thing

Voodoo thing!

Like a hoot owl comes through the edge of the night
One kiss from her lips and my blood is ice
I start to run but I thought of the moon
I said I'd never be back, but I spoke too soon
Well she made me dance and she made me scream
Then she gave me some of that voodoo thing

The voodoo thing
O-o-oh my voodoo thing

She put a spell on you!