Track Title:               No One Together
Album Title:               Best of Kansas

Prime Artist:              Kansas
Engineer:                  Davy Moire
Engineer:                  Brad Aaron

Producer:                  Kansas
Written by:                Kerry Livgren
From the Album:            Audio-Visions  1979 (A)

Centuries of backward ways have many left behind us
Who can count the good men gone away
The fruits of all our labors have left us as we started
We've come too far to end it in a day
IT seems that everything we do is wrong
A one-way trip to nowhere all along
Just look around and tell me what you see
Another stupid page of history

No one together, no one is touching ground
Look at each other, chaos is all around
Same situation, nothing is really new
No one together, no one is me and you

Lo, the horn of plenty is bursting at the seam
The harvest of the world will be our prize
We claim to know the secrets, the answers have been found
But how can one fool make another wise
'Cause nothing's better than it used to be
To live and die is still a mystery
We take away and give nothing back
We just consume it all, and still we lack
Each day passes by us so quickly now
You can feel it drawing much closer now

The signs are in the faces of the people in the street
The signs are in the sounds I hear
The voices filled with hate and fear
You can feel it drawing near you now

The multitudes are searching and wandering in vain
For what they seek cannot be found in men
The turth that lies before us now is plain for all to see
To grow without is not to grow within
For in the promise is a victory
To see the way that everything should be
To feel the joy that we were meant to know
We should have realized so long ago

We're all together, harmony will abound
Look at each other, all that was lost is found
New situation if our direction's true
We're all together, everyone is me and you