Track Title:               The Song Remains The Same

Album Title:               Led Zep Box Set, disc 3
Prime Artist:              Led Zeppelin
Engineer:                  Eddie Kramer
Written by:                Robert Plant

Written by:                Jimmy Page
Mixed by:                  Keith Harwood
From the Album:            Houses Of The Holy  1973 (A)

I had a dream
Oh, yeah
Crazy dream, uh-huh.
Anything I wanted to know
Any place I needed to go
Hear my song
Yeah...People don't you listen now?  Sing along!
Oh, You don't know what you're missing now.
Any little song that you know
Everything that's small has to grow.
And it has to grow!
Push push, yeah!
California sunlight, sweet Calcutta rain
Honolulu starbright--the song remains the same.  ooh! ooh!
Here we go!
Honolulu now...
Sing out Hare Hare, dance the Hoochie Koo.
City lights are oh so bright, as we go sliding
                                       sliding through.