Track Title:               Going Down Slow
Album Title:               Four Chords and Several Years Ago
Prime Artist:              Huey Lewis & The News

Originally made famous by: St. Louis Jimmy Oden     (James B. Oden)
Producer:                  Stewart Levine
Written by:                St. Louis Jimmy Oden     (James B. Oden)

You know I've been enjoyin' things that kings and queens will never have!
In fact kings and queens can never get 'm.
And they don't even know about it!
And good times? Mmmmmmmmm-mmh!!

I have had my fun, if I never get well no more (x 2)
Oh my health is fadin' on me, oh yes I'm goin' down slow

Now looka here...
I did not say I was a millionaire...
But I said I have spent more money than a millionaire!
Cause if I had kept all my money that I'd already spent,
I would've been a millionaire a looong time ago...
And women? Great Googlie-Mooglie!!

Please write my mother, tell her the shape I'm in (x 2)
Tell her to pray for me, forgive me for my sin