Track Title:               Birdland

Album Title:               Anthology - Down in Birdland, disc 2
Prime Artist:              Manhattan Transfer
Producer:                  Jay Graydon
Written by:                Jon Hendricks  (John Carl H.)

Written by:                Joseph Zawinul

5,000 light years from Birdland but I'm still preachin' the
Long-gone uptight years from Birdland and I'm still teachin' it
with 'em
Years from the land of the Bird and I am still feelin' the spirit
5,000 light years from Birdland, but I know people can hear it.

Bird named it, Bird made it, Bird heard it, then played it
Birdland, it happened down in Birdland

In the middle of that hub I remember one Jazz club
Where we went to pat feet, Down on 52nd street
Everybody heard that word and they named it after Bird.
Where the rhythm swooped and swirled, the jazz corner of the
And the cats that gigged in there were beyond compare

Birdland, I'm singing Birdland
Birdland, Ol' swinging Birdland.

Hey, man, the music really turns you on!
Y' turn me on,
Really, y' turn me aroun', `n turn me on

Down them stairs, lose them cares - where?
 Down in Birdland
Total swing, bop was king - there
 Down in Birdland
Bird would cook, Max would look - where?
 Down in Birdland
Miles came through, `Trane came too - there
 Down in Birdland
Basie blew, Blakey too - where?
 Down in Birdland
Cannonball played that hall - yeah
 Down in Birdland

There may never be nothin' such as that
 No mo', scooby wah, no mo'
Down in Birdland that's where it was at
 I know - I know
Back in them days bop was ridin' high
 Hello `n goodbye!

How well those cats remember their first Birdland gig
To play in Birdland is an honor they still dig
Yeah --- that club was like in another world, sure enough,
yeah, baby
All o' the cats had the cookin' on
People just sat an' they was steady lookin' on
Then bird - he came `n spread the word, Birdland

Yes indeed he did (Yes indeed he did, Yes indeed he did)
 Yes, he did, Parker played in Birdland (yes, he really did)
Yes, indeed, he really did (yes he really did)
 Told the truth way down in Birdland
Yes, indeed, he did, Yardbird Parker played in Birdland
 Yes, indeed, he really did, Charlie Parker played in Birdland

Bird named it, Bird made it, Bird heard it, then played it
Birdland, it happened down in Birdland

Everybody dug that beat, everybody stomped their feet
Everybody digs be-bop and they'll never stop


[words to Janis' "scat" over the chorus at the end]:
Come in pairs down them stairs, just lose your cares
 Them that dares - gits it!
Pay the gate, don't be late, it's a date!
 whatta y' know, if y' dig
Then you'll dig it's a groove
 Quite a groove, `cause y' t' move
Come in twos, pay your dues, what can you lose?
 Just your blues - so lose them!
The band swingin' one and all and what a ball
 yeah ----
Music is good, music is better than good
 pretty good, very nice -really very good
Things are bein' like they should, very good, very good, very
good All y' gotta do is lend an ear an' listen to it Then y' dig a little sooner than soon, you'll be diggin' everything, diggin' all the music What a ball! How y' gonna figure out a way t' bring it all about amid A lot o' other music on the set `n on the scene, know what I mean? How y' gonna separate the music from the scene `Gonna have t' keep the memory clean y' gonna hear a lotta' sound - a lotta soun'