Track Title:               Honey White
Album Title:               Yes
Prime Artist:              Morphine

Producer:                  Mark Sandman
Producer:                  Paul Q. Kolderie
Written by:                Mark Sandman
Honey white (x3)
                                Made a deal for some angel food
                                Honey white (x2)
                                Everybody told her it was sweet
                                and good yea
                                Oh honey (x4)
                                She said you'll see me later yea
                                you'll see me later
                                Will you see me later seemed all
                                too soon
                                And then he smiles he knows
                                honey's coming back
                                Honey's going to want some
                                more angel food
                                Devil made of honey (x4)
                                She said you'll get me when I'm
                                old and wizened
                                And not a day before that
                                The devil said honey it won't be
                                that long
                                Besides I like to see a little more
                                Yea I like to see a little more fat
                                You know I like to see a little
                                more fat
                                Honey white (x4)
                                Uh tell me how is your angel food
                                Honey white oh honey white
                                She says it's sweet and good
                                Honey white honey white uh
                                honey white
                                The sweetness starts to fade
                                Honey white (x2)
                                Thought you could get away
                                Poor honey (x4)