Track Title:               Man Smart, Woman Smarter

Album Title:               Addictions (hits) vol 2
Prime Artist:              Robert Palmer
Producer:                  Steve Smith

Written by:                J.F. Kuhn
From the Album:            Some People Can Do What They Like  1991 (A)

Let us put man and woman together
See which one is smarter
Some say men, but I say no
Women got the men like a puppet show

 It ain't me, it's the people that say
 The men are leading the women astray
 But I say, it's the women today
 They're smarter than the men in every way
 That's right, the women are smarter
 That's right, the women are smarter

A little boy sat down and cried
A old man passed and asked him why
He said "I can't do what the big boys do"
The old man sat down and he cried too

(Repeat chorus)