Track Title:               Silence and I

Album Title:               Eye In The Sky
Prime Artist:              Alan Parsons Project
Vocal:                     Eric Woolfson
Producer:                  Alan Parsons

Written by:                Alan Parsons
Written by:                Eric Woolfson

If I cried out loud
Over sorrows I've known
And the secrets I've heard
It would ease my mind
Someone sharing the load
But I won't breathe a word
We're two of a kind
Silence and I
We need a chance to talk things over
Two of a kind
Silence and I
We'll find a way to work it out
When the children laughed
I was always afraid
Of the smile of the clown
So I close my eyes
Till I can't see the light
And I hide from the sound
I can hear the cry
Of a leaf on a tree
As it falls to the ground
I can hear the call
Of an echoing voice
And there's no one around