Track Title:               Looking for Girls

Album Title:               Love Junk
Prime Artist:              The Pursuit of Happiness
Producer:                  Todd Rundgren
Written by:                Moe Berg
Looking for someone I can play with
I don't care if she's skinny
I don't care if she's fat
As long as she goes for boys like me
'Cause I like them like that
She might be a Catholic
She might be a nurse
She might give me a child or gonorrhea
Or something worse
She might be a painter or a communist
With my luck
But that that's the kind of girl you really want to fuck.
Looking for girls
Looking high and low and everywhere that I go
Looking for girls
Might find her in a car
Might find her in a cave
Might pull her from a shopping mall
Might pull her from the grave
I want to kiss her lips
I want to see her dance
I want to see her wriggle and jiggle
Right out of her pants
I'm looking for someone
With a voice that's true
And I'm going to be nice to her
May she'll be nice too
Then I'm going to do it
Do it to her
Four hundred and eighty-seven thousand times