Track Title:               Out Of Mind

Album Title:               Promised Land
Prime Artist:              Queensryche
Producer:                  James (Jimbo) Barton

Producer:                  Queensryche
Written by:                Chris DeGarmo
Little girl sits in the corner
locked in a stare.
Arms waiving madly at something
that sadly isn1t there.
Dressed in the day1s best by a nurse
who1s nowhere to be found.
What does she see ?
Maybe she1s looking at me.
Old man is strapped to the seat of his chair
wearing a gown,
shouting and cursing at someone who clearly
isn1t around.
Father Time has twisted his mind. The staff says,
3He1s not well !
To whom does he speak ?
Maybe he1s speaking to me.
So we keep these people inside these walls,
from society.
Their forgotten lives safe from the crowd,
they can1t leave.
Through the doors come people like me,
good-bye to them.
They see a picture few of us see.
They can1t leave.
You1ve left them here for me.