Track Title:               Persuasion

Album Title:               Santana's Greatest Hits
Prime Artist:              Santana
Producer:                  Brent Dangerfield
Producer:                  Santana

You got persuasion,
I can't help myself.
You got persuasion,
I can't help myself.
Something about you, baby,
keeps me from goin' to somebody else.
Yeah, oh how, the way you walk now, now, now baby.
You put me in a daze all the time.
The look that you got for me, baby,
like the devil in disguise.
Something about you, baby,
you're one, you're one of a kind.
Oh, the spell you put on me is just like thunder, babe.
I can't keep the rain from comin' down.
Look out now, I can't get it from under
but I wouldn't want to even if I can.
Something about you, baby,
make me feel, make me feel like a man.