Track Title:               How Could You Want Him (When You Could Have Me?)
Album Title:               Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Prime Artist:              Spin Doctors

Producer:                  Frankie LaRocka
Producer:                  Peter Denenberg
Producer:                  Spin Doctors
Written by:                Spin Doctors

I'm quite contented to take my chances
Against the Guildensterns and Rosencrantses
It's a matter of Cain and Abel
And I can feel your knee underneath the table
He doesn't dangle by the seraphim
He only wants a pretty face by him so
How could you want him when you know you could have me
See the pigeons peck and peck to pay the dues
They peck a little extra to re-sole their shoes
He's with the pigeons pecking crumbs
I'm on my death bed bleeding with the cherubim
Ferocious angels send us falling stars
But I know just how dangerous wishes are
Ferocious angels watch me come and go
But I'm not too smart to go barging off of roof tops thanx
Sit out September on the windowsill
Cause you can't drink wine from a two dollar bill
Saint Christopher lives on the end of the quill
Leave him a diamond in your last will