Track Title:               Refrigerator Car

Album Title:               Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Prime Artist:              Spin Doctors
Producer:                  Frankie LaRocka

Producer:                  Peter Denenberg
Producer:                  Spin Doctors
Written by:                Spin Doctors

Your heart is a refrigerator car
It's cold and it never waits
Frozen truth and frostbite
Stacked unopen crates
You never loved your frozen freight
Perishables and bloodless meat
You rolling snowball soul of sleet
You never wait
You roll across the desert
And clack across the sand
Though snakes may fry outside
Flowers crumble petrified in your hand
Your heart's a paid-off porter
You lied to spare your soul
With one arm you blow your brains out
With the other you dig the hole
Grey ice in your hinges
Sliding doors shut frozen locked
Airtight every tiny hole
With hard white putty caucked