Track Title:               Shinbone Alley / Hard To Exist

Album Title:               Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Prime Artist:              Spin Doctors
Producer:                  Frank Aversa

Written by:                Spin Doctors

Moonlight through the chickenwire humming window pane
Lukewarm water gasping down a rusty drane
Big towns in need of mending, streetlights shake toothsome beams
Denim shadows shuffle in between the beams
Different strokes for different folks so
Mind your manner and easy on the ethnic jokes
It's a dumbell curve you're trying to tally
All the way down to Shinbone Alley
Streets are metaccarpal and flesh of asphalt calm
Buildings rise like fingers from a concrete palm
Yellow lit apartment trickle through the drapes
Windows frame each history hidden even from the fire escapes
Sullen winter sparrow lands wing to expanse of grey
Six-thirty-two in the morning on Thanksgiving day
And the bums they hit the corners
The thunderkids rub their money
And the crack addicts stare at the snowflakes zig zagging
Down to the greet Jones
Seventy-two on the sour day, your barefeet sweep the parquet
And the light susprey white slanting past the microwave
Knuckles to eyeballs and elbows on the table
Spend the day gazing from your winter gable

Hard to Exist
(Christopher Barron/Eric Schenkman/John Poper/Aaron Comess)
You know how I tend to feel when nothing's happening
Like some big old bird so fat that he just can't fly
Far be it for me to be over reacting
My lady hurst like hell and all I can do is wonder why
Like a main in prison I'm occupied with busting out
I'm in no position said what are these walking blues about
Hey Mary come play with me please forget your lessons
Pete's off with Captain Hook and with cutlasses they play
I got a feeling you and me get along fine
Down on the beach in the fresh air with a jug of wine
Aww yeah, I claim to be infected
Aww yeah point me in the right direction
The suggestion it's got the best of me
I gotta go on for now, gotta be strong
But it's hard to exist