Track Title:               I Got the News

Album Title:               AJA
Prime Artist:              Steely Dan
Background Vocal:          Rebecca Louis
Background Vocal:          Michael McDonald

Background Vocal:          Shirley Matthews
Background Vocal:          Vanetta Fields
Background Vocal:          Clydie King
Producer:                  Gary Katz

Written by:                Steely Dan

You in your Lark, you're a mark, you're a screamer
You know how to hustle
Daddy is a rare millionaire, I don't care
Yeah, you got the muscle, I got the news.
Yes dear, how did you know?
Can't you see our love will grow.
Take it in your hand, all the sirens and the band
Get to bendin' my ear
How was I to know about the warm soulful secret
You been keepin' for years, I got the news
Broadway Duchess darling if you only knew
Half as much as everybody thinks you do
What I hear may be true
I would still be proud to know you
Spanish kissin', see it glisten
You came ragin', love rampagin'
Slow down, I'll tell you when,
I may never walk again,