Track Title:               Lifetime Piling Up

Album Title:               Sand in the Vaseline  84-92
Prime Artist:              Talking Heads
Lyrics by:                 David Byrne

Music by:                  Talking Heads
Producer:                  Steve Lillywhite
Producer:                  Talking Heads

I have tried marijuana
I get nervous any time
There will come a knockin' at the door
Why is everybody makin' eyes at me ?
I don't want to know
Excuse and pardon me
Stay for a while
Maybe we'll never
meet again
I can see my lifetime piling up
I can see the days turn into nights
I can see the people on the street
Open those windows up
- A hundred floors below me
Pilin' those houses up
Pilin' them higher, higher, higher
I can feel them swayin' back and forth
Building it higher, higher
- This tower's learning over
I got bad coordination
Stuck a pencil in my eye
I can hardly wait to get back home
Why is everybody gettin' paranoid ?
I's only havin' fun
Scum bags and superstars
Tell me your names
I'll make a bet, you're
both the same
I can see my lifetime pilin' up
Reaching from my bedroom to the stars
I can see the house where I was born
When I was growin' up... they say that
I could never keep my trousers up
I remember days and crazy nights
Are there any pirates on this ship ?
And if they sober up - they have us
Home by morning
Cry, cry, cry
It's just you and I -
Like an automobile
with no one at the wheel
Spinning out of control
We're all over the road
In our sexy machine
All the passengers scream
Scream, scream !
I can see my lifetime pilin' up
I can see it smashin' into yours
It was not as accident at all
Open those windows up - I hear you laughin'
Goin' from the bottom to the top
Maybe I'm holding on too tight
And now I'm foldin' up
I got a funny feeling
Pilin' them houses up
Pilin' them higher, higher, higher
Building that highway to the stars
Turning the music up - Hey!
I got a winning number