Track Title:               Slippery People
Album Title:               Stop Making Sense
Prime Artist:              Talking Heads

Producer:                  Talking Heads
Written by:                Talking Heads
Whatabout the time?
You were rollin' over
Fall on your face
You must be having fun
     Walk lightly!
     Think of a time.
     You'd best believe
     This think is real
Put away that gun
This part is simple
Try to recognize
What is in you mind
     God help us!
     Help us loose our minds
     These slippery people
     help us understand
what's the matter with him?             He's alright!
I see his face                          The lord won't mind
Don't play no games                     He's alright
  Love from the bottom to the top
Turn like a wheel                       He's alright
See for yourself                        The lord won't mind
We're gonna move                        Right now
  Turn like a wheel inside a wheel
I remember when
Sittin' in the tub
Pulled out the plug
The water was runnin' out
     Cool down
     Stop acting crazy
     They're gonna leave
     And we'll be on our own
Seven times five
They were living creatures
Watch 'em come to life
Right before your eyes
     How do you do?
     These slippery people
     Gonna see you through