Track Title:               Swamp
Album Title:               Stop Making Sense
Prime Artist:              Talking Heads

Producer:                  Talking Heads
Written by:                Talking Heads
From the Album:            Speaking In Tongues  1983 (A)

Now lemme tell you a story
The devil he has a plan
A bag a' bones in his pocket
Got anything you want
No dust and no rocks
The whole thing is over
All these beauties in solid motion
All those beauties, gonna swallow you up
Hi hi hi hi hi,
     One time too many
     Too far to go
     I- We come to take you home
And when they split those atoms
It's hotter than the sun
Blood is a special substance
They gonna pray for that man
So wake up young lovers
The whole thing is over
Watch but touch monkeys
All that blood, gonna swallow you whole
Hi hi hi hi hi
     What's that?  Who's driving?
     Where we goin'?  Who knows?
     I- We come to take you home
     How many people do you think I am
     Pretend I am somebody else
     You can pretend I'm and old millionaire
     A millionaire washing his hands
     Rattle the bones, dreams that stick out
     A medical chart on the wall
     Soft violence and hands touch your throat
     Ev'ryone wants to explode
And when your hands get dirty
Nobody knows you at all
Don't have a window to slip out of
Lights on, nobody home
Click click- see ya later
Beta beta- no time to rest
Pika pika- risky business
All that blood, will never cover that mess.
Hi hi hi hi hi
     So soft hard feelings
     What's that, who's driving
     No tricks lets go
     I- We come to take you home
     I- We come to take you home
Hi hi hi hi hi