Track Title:               Can't Stand It Any Longer

Album Title:               Fahrenheit
Prime Artist:              Toto
Producer:                  Toto

Written by:                Joseph Williams
Written by:                Steve Lukather
Written by:                David Paich

Standin' on thin ice
Walkin' on a fine line
Never seem to buy, enough for you
If you're lookin' for a way out
Then you're headed for the right place
Givin' up is something I can't do
Ooh you got sharp claws
Always got your back up
Venom in your eyes, and blood so blue
Hangin' on a black tie
Sippin' on a half shell
Holdin' all the cards, and a joker too
You should have told me sooner
I would have let you go
Now you're driving me crazy
I can't stand it any longer
When you pay the price for freedom
It ain't wrong girl
I can't stand it any longer
Dancin' on hot coals
Playin' with a live wire
Sneakin' out the back door, you're so cool
If you really wanna move on
Then there's nothing left to say
Here's a ticket for the bus stop
I'm no fool