Track Title:               Love Has The Power

Album Title:               Past to Present 1977-1990
Prime Artist:              Toto
Vocal:                     Jean-Michel Byron
Producer:                  James Guthrie

Producer:                  Toto
Written by:                John Capek
Written by:                Jean-Michel Byron

There is too much hatred, there is too much starvation, too much inhumanity
Some people get their kicks out of throwing bricks at me
No real reason, just jealousy
Angry words and bad attitudes is gonna get you nowhere
Watching you watching me, it's alright, 'cos love will make it right
Love has the power, it's as strong as a tower you can lean on
Love is a fire, a burning desire, it's so warm, (oh)
Some believe in almighty dollar, some don't believe in nothing at all
There's a power that's within you, it will never never ever let you down
I believe we have the key to liberty and unity, are you listening?
One hundred million voices singing (can you hear the voices singing)
No weak, no strong, no right, no wrong - imagine (you gotta keep imagining)
Impossible the skeptics say, wait and see, there's gonna come a day
Whoa, oh, whoa, oh, whoa, oh, whoa, oh
Love has the power, it's strong as a tower you can lean on and on and on and on
Love has the power, it's strong as a tower you can lean on
There's no difference between black or white, the light of life
I can hear the children laughing
Men at war, stop your worries, give peace a chance, there's a new day dawning
Come together, come together, come together
(Wisdom is the mouth of peace, of innocence)