Track Title:               Minstrel In The Gallery
Album Title:               Original Masters (hits)

Prime Artist:              Jethro Tull
Producer:                  Ian Anderson
Written by:                Ian Anderson
/                /      /     / \
A                Am     C     o Dsus2
    The minstrel in the gallery
        /     /              / \
        A     Dsus2          o A
looked down upon the smiling faces.
   /       /       /        /   /  \
   F       C       F        F   o  G
He met the gazes - observed the spaces
/           /    /\   /
Dsus2                 o A
between the old men's cackle.
   /        /       /    /   / \
   A        Am      C        o Dsus2
He brewed a song of love and hatred -
/  /\/ /\/ /\/
 /                  /      /  \
 G                  Dsus2  o  A
oblique suggestions and he waited.
F        C         F   G   C
  He polarized the pumpkin eaters -
F        C       F G   C
  static-humming panel-beaters -
F         C          F  G    C
  freshly day-glow'd factory cheaters
F       C       F  G   C
  (salaried and collar-scrubbing).
A         Am    C      o Dsus2
  He titillated men-of-action -
F     C        F     F     o  G
belly warming, hands still rubbing
G      Dsus2            o  A
on the parts they never mention.
A        Am       C     o  Dsus2       G
  He pacified the nappy-suffering,
G      Dsus2        Dsus4  o A
infant-bleating one-line   jokers -
F    C   F  G    C
T.V. documentary makers
F    C      F  G  C
(overfed and undertakers).
A      Am    C          o  Dsus2
Sunday paper backgammon players -
F      C           F     C
family-scarred and women-haters.
        F          C         F  G       C
Then he called the band down to the the stage
       F         C
and he looked at all
    Dm  A7sus4       Am  C  Cadd9/F#  F
the friends     he'd made.
(tr.)  (tr.)
A      Asus4