Track Title:               Best Of Both Worlds

Album Title:               5150
Prime Artist:              Van Halen
Producer:                  Mick Jones

Producer:                  Donn Landee
Producer:                  Van Halen
Written by:                Van Halen

 I don't know what I been livin' on but it's
   Not enough to fill me up
   I need more than just words can say
   I need everything this life can give me
   Come on baby close your eyes let go
   This can be everything we've dreamed
   It's not work, that makes it work no
   Let the magic do the work for you
Chorus 1:
         Cause something heached out and touched me
         Now I see that all I want...
Chorus 2:
         I want the best of both worlds
         And baby I know what it's worth
         We can have have the best of both worlds a little
         Heaven right here on earth
   There's a picture in the gallery of a
   Fallen angel looked alot like you
   We forget where we come from sometimes
   I had a dream it was really you
Chorus 1
Chorus 2
   You don't have to die to go to heaven
   Or hang around to be born again
   Just tune into what this place has got to offer
   Cause we may never be here again
Chorus 2