Track Title:               Good Enough

Album Title:               5150
Prime Artist:              Van Halen
Producer:                  Donn Landee
Producer:                  Mick Jones

Producer:                  Van Halen
Written by:                Van Halen
   U.S. prime, grade A stamped guaranteed
   Just grease it up and bring on the heat
   Throw it down and roll it over once or twice
   Then chow down
       She's good enough, good enough to huh!
       I can't get enough, I can't get enough
       She's good enough to huh!
   Hey me yea I been working up an appetite
   Seems like the harder I work the more my body needs
   I like to open up with a little six on the half shell
   Then it's 3-6-9 time
   Hey waitress you got any specials here tonight
   Me and the fellas might be interested in
   Rack a what
   Well I'll have some of that
   I'll be the first to say that I'm blind to the world
   Cause I'm two days gone and I just can't see
   But I ain't no fool and honey I know a good thing
   And she's comin' she's comin'
   So come on, come on, come on cause she's
   Good, good, good enough
   Good, good, good enough
   Good, good, good enough
   Good, good, good enough ohhh