Track Title:               Summer Nights

Album Title:               5150
Prime Artist:              Van Halen
Producer:                  Donn Landee

Producer:                  Mick Jones
Producer:                  Van Halen
Written by:                Van Halen

 Ain't no way I'm stayin' home tonight
   I'll be out until the mornin' light
   Just hangin' 'round the local parking lot
   Checkin' out the girls see what they got
   Yea they love it when me and the boys
   Start playin' love with them human toys
   Yea we just wind 'em up and let 'em go, oh yea
       Summer nights and my radio
       That's all we need baby don't cha know
       We celebrate when the the gang's all here
       Hot summer nights that's my time of the year
   We made it through the cold
   This freezin' snow is gettin' really old
   Next year I'll head out for the coast
   Say boys I think that might just call for a toast, yea
   I got a line, you got a pole
   I'll meet you down at the ole fishing hole
   Yea them girls are biting good tonight
   Oh yea, uh oh, oh yea