Track Title:               All I do is dream of You

Album Title:               Jazz Masters Volume 2, disc 4
Prime Artist:              Serge Chaloff
Lyrics by:                 Arthur Freed
Music by:                  Nacio Herb Brown

All I Do Is Dream Of You
- words by Arthur Freed (1894-1973), music by Nacio Herb Brown (1896-1964)
- written for the 1934 MGM romantic film "Sadie McKee"
  starring Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone and Gene Raymond.
- as recorded in New York, April 23, 1934, by Dick Robertson
  with Angelo Ferdinando & his Hotel Great Northern Orchestra

All I do is dream of you the whole night through
With the dawn I still go on and dream of you
You're every thought, you're everything
You're every song I ever sing
Summer, winter, autumn and spring

And were there more than twenty four hours a day
They'd be spent in sweet content, dreaming away
When skies are grey, when skies are blue
Morning, noon and night-time too
All I do is dream of you the whole day through